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Kevin Zadai is known as the man who went to heaven and back, so he knows that heaven is for real.

In 1992 during a routine surgery, I met with Jesus on the other side. The time I spent in the presence of Jesus profoundly changed me to my core. I believe Jesus promised me that my story, including all the things I learned during our conversation, has the capacity to radically change those who read it. It is my prayer that as you read about my visitation, you will experience the same thing I experienced and have an even greater outcome.


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Kevin Zadai on Sid Roth

Kevin’s Interview

Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

Five-Hour Encounter with Jesus

Kevin Zadai had a five-hour encounter with Jesus in Heaven. He says your understanding of Christianity is about to change, and a separation has already started!


Kevin and Kathi Zadai

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Warrior Notes School of Ministry

The Lord spoke to Kevin about creating an online school to equip believers to go to the next level with God and prepare them for their destiny. We believe you will be blessed by these courses. Use the button below to see all of the courses that are available and to enroll:

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“You Can Hear God’s Voice”

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“You Can Hear God’s Voice”

New Course – Warrior Notes School of Ministry

Warrior Notes School of Ministry’s newest course The Person of the Holy Spirit Level 1 is now available.

Knowing the Holy Spirit is essential to your life and ministry. Dr. Kevin Zadai believes that this is one of the most important classes that he will ever teach. This course will help you go to another level in your understanding of who the Holy Spirit is and what His purpose is.


Kevin and his wife Kathi travel and speak at meetings in the US and around the world. These powerful meetings result in salvations and draw people into a closer relationship with God. The Lord sent Kevin back from Heaven for the people whose lives would be rerouted and changed. Check the Events Schedule for a location near you.



Kevin’s newest book

You Can Hear God’s Voice

You Can Hear God's Voice

Supernatural Keys to Walking in Fellowship with Your Heavenly Father

God Wants to Talk to You!

Many people go through life wishing they could hear from God. They long to know His plans and purposes for their lives, and they long to benefit from His direction in their daily decisions.

The truth is, you were made to hear God’s voice! God created you for intimacy with Him, and He longs to speak with you, moment by moment!

In this book, Kevin L. Zadai helps you develop your ability to hear God’s words every day.

  • Learn to recognize God’s voice apart from other voices.
  • Encounter new clarity in knowing God’s will.
  • Witness God’s redemptive hand in past failures.
  • Access your many rights and privileges as a believer.
  • Walk in increased discernment through Holy Spirit power.
  • Experience transformation by renewing your mind.

As you walk and talk with God, you’ll find yourself living the abundant life of blessing that you were meant to live!